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Since 2015, We have been supporting everything from startups to international corporations. Our mission is to turn your web-based software product from an idea and nurture its development, to flourish into seven digit revenue generating business. During development, we maintain strong contact through meetings and updates with our clients.

Each project is tailor-made and requires an individual project-plan. However, below are the key products we always deliver:

analysis analysis


wireframe wireframe


ui-design ui-design

UI Design

development development


seo seo



Business Analysis

The approach to UX has evolved. Today, in order to make design work for you it requires us to dedicate time to learn about your business and your customers.

Throughout the project we’ll be tasked with making key decisions. We believe a good understanding of your business will cement the first step of a strong partnership. Ensuring decisions are backed by an understanding of your organization's history, current status, and vision for the future.

Business Analysis

Product Analysis

This is the process of us understanding what you want, and our development team learning your vision. We will help logically group related features and functions, and turn them into products. Several products are assembled as sprints. A project often contains many sprints.

This practice is named “Agile”. At the end of each sprint, each product is standalone, ready to be delivered to the development team or to launch.

To test the market response, we divide the project into separate products with separate design/code repositories to prevent knowledge silos and push the MVP (minimum viable product) out faster. This helps us gather user feedback as quickly as possible to build it into a fully functional product.

Product Analysis

Market Research

When we have products identified, we take a look at the market in terms of viability and predicted success. We also identify who the main competitors are, how well they are performing, how they advertise their products and how users perceive their web/apps.

Market Research

User Research

Now it’s time to research and understand who your target audience is. We will guide you through this process by developing user personas.

User personas are typical characters created to represent your different target segments. Usually, there are 2-3 personas. To create personas, we conduct both 1 on 1 interviews and focus groups. We examine all of their behavioral patterns, and add details to make the personas realistic.

User Research

Information Architecture

This step is how we put together what we have learnt about the products, the market and the users to organize structure of content to deliver business goals by creating user flow diagrams and sitemaps.

Information Architecture


Wireframe is an important tool to present to our clients to show how the website/app will work. This allows for demonstration without the distractions of color, shape, photos, icons and margins. This phase of the project typically requires multiple iterations to ensure the client is happy and business goals are achieved.

Due to the increased usage of website on mobile, we assign priority to a mobile-centric design, then focusing on tablets and desktop later. Each revision stage concludes with an internal user test, using a 5 second test tool with our coworkers, peers and other project team members.


User Interface Design

From our now, deep understanding of the business and its products, we build the brand identity (if the business requires one) and/or assign colors, shape, navigation and icons that match the brand value. These graphic elements also greatly affect the user interaction and sales conversion of the website. We take user-test-based decisions to design aesthetically effective interfaces that functions well. We want to make users feel totally satisfied when using the business’s products.

User Interface Design


When we have the user interface design, we transfer the design files to the development team. Our front-end team will then will inject their talents into creating perfect pixel html website.

We use Wordpress as the main framework and CMS to power our site. There is usually a lot of customization through our own written plug ins and security features for strong ranking placement on Google. Also to provide further value we utilize technology of Progressive Web Apps and leverage our partnership with SEO powerhouse, Clickstream Media.


Next Step

A typical process starting with a full strategy and planning phase will take from 4 to 12 weeks, depending on the size of the project. It usually involves a great deal of meetings with tons of draft papers, pens and sticky notes, and lots of follow-up conversations. Should your business have a shorter schedule or soon-to-meet deadline, please do contact us and ask for consultation.

Next Step